New Jersey Business Certification Information Service

Selective Vendor Assistance Information (NJSAVI) Access

The New Jersey Selective Assistance Vendor Information (NJSAVI) is a dataset that identifies registered businesses that hold certifications with the State of New Jersey as Small Business Enterprises, Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprises, Veteran/Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises and LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises. Businesses with one or more of these certifications may be eligible to participate in select set-aside or goal-based contracting initiatives offered by the State. Additionally, certification provides State-backed documentation, which can be beneficial in pursuing contracting opportunities at the local and federal level, as well as with the private sector.
Access this DATASET to locate and connect with certified businesses. But before doing so, please read all the important information on searching  below. Also, see the profile page for the date stamp of the dataset.  
(Note that this dataset is provided for informational purposes only.)
Important general Information on searching:
  • Use upper case characters.
  • On the "Grid View" of the data set, use "Filter" to customize your search by field.
  • Export search results for ease of reading and use.
  • To broaden a search, use the "contains" filter.
  • To narrow a search, use the "is" or "is not" filter.
  • The Commodity Code/Description field contains combined information. All codes/descriptions for a business are combined in this field. Construct your search accordingly.
  • The Certification Type field contains combined information. All certification types for a business are combined in this field. Construct your search accordingly.
  • After importing the zip code field, format the column in the downloaded file to "Special" > "Zip Code" to add leading zeros to the field.
Codes used for searches on certification types:
Use the following codes for searching on certification type:
  • Small Business Enterprise -- SBE
  • Minority Owned Enterprise -- MBE
  • Woman Owned Enterprise -- WBE
  • Minority/Woman Owned Enterprise -- MWBE
  • Veteran Owned Enterprise -- VOB
  • Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise -- DVOB
  • LGBTQ+ Owned Enterprise -- LBE

Note on searching for businesses offering specific types of goods/services:
Two fields contain information on the type(s) of goods/services offered by a business -- Commodity Code/Description and Major Field of Operation. The Commodity Code/Description field is a more restrictive categorization while the Major Field of Operation field is a free form description of the line of business. To obtain the most comprehensive search for goods/services offered by a business, you may wish to search the two fields together using "and"/"or" connectors.
Overview of the Certification Program and link to the State's Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) program's web site
To get an overview of the Certification Program and tips on how to apply for and maintain certifications, visit the Program's home page.
Information on ODI can also be accessed on-line.

Access Lists by Topic
  • Ask us to add a list. Send an email to us and outline what type of list you would like to have available based on the data fields shown above.
Links to the State's Division of Purchase and Property (DPP)
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Contact Us:

If you have questions about the Business Certification Program, rules and regulations, or your application(s), or if you have suggestions for improving this search service, contact the NJ Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services Uniform Certification Services Unit.
Phone: 609-292-2146, weekdays except holidays, 8:30am to 4:30pm.
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